Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today was fun, except for the last part when I reached home.
Stayed at Siew Hui's house from 2 plus to 5 plus today, correcting her compositions here and there.
Jiayou SH! One more month to freedom! ^^ I'm sure you can achieve your target :D

Evening time, I took bus 502 from Jurong West to Plaza Sing.
Iris said that the ride was suppose to be 68 mins long, but I reached Plaza Sing within 45 mins.
Eventually I was early by half an hour.
Went to the bookstore and read some of Nicholas Sparks books and I swear they are real good!
Head off to Yamaha and view some instruments for sale over there, sadly there's no horn ):
Read through some horn scores and came across two interesting books;
Horn scores from High School Musical 1 & 2!
I wish we can play those pieces for section comp.

6.40pm onwards DTRM 05 were having dinner at Ajisen and celebrated Shi Yun's birthday.
5 cakes were placed right in front of her while we sang birthday song :D
After dinner, we headed to one of the arcade at SCAPE and played arcade games.
Had a few rounds of pool with Wei Hong, Dionna and Benjamin!
We had much fun despite losing :D

Bought Gong Cha at SCAPE and lepak at one of the food stall in Cineleisure.
Headed back home after that. Had some fun while we were on our way towards the MRT station :D

Back at home, OMG no peaceful moments.
Mummy was nagging me, ohwell I'm okay with it.
But dad came to lecture me too. I totally ignored him and rolled my eyes at him.
Who are you to come and lecture me when you're the one drinking everyday and come home with that stench of alcohol, AND SOMEONE WHO REACHES HOME ONLY AFTER 12AM.
Seriously, home is only the best place ever if YOU AINT AROUND.
With you around, home is just a place for me to eat, bathe and sleep.
Staying another minute in the same house as you makes me feel so suffocated and frustrated.
Seriously, you should stop minding my business.
Don't come and show me concern only until now.
What have you been doing for the past 17 years? Why only now?
I don't need you in my life, AT ALL. Not now, not in the future.
I know you wanted to hit me just now.
Let me tell you, if you dare to lay a finger on me or anyone in this house, I'll report you to police for abusing. I'll no longer tolerate like how I used to.
Don't believe me? Try me. I'll make sure you get jailed for another few years, but I'm pretty sure you won't mind anyway, since prison seems like your second home.

Start the day right, end the day with frustrations. But whatever.

Hoobastank - The Reason

Hinder - Lips Of An Angel

Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coldplay - Yellow

I had my work training today and it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!
Irene and others were friendly, learnt lots of stuffs and more to come.
It has never come across my mind how bubble tea are made, or what exactly does it contain.
After today, I'm sure I've gained quite a handful of knowledge :D
There's more to come, and I'm prepared for it.

After work I headed straight to school for my sectional.
Sectional wasn't as interesting as the previous one,
for most of the time, we did lip benders, except for the last part when we tried a few pieces for section comp.

Reached home and started quarrelling with my brother, again. Whatever.
Mummy mentioned that she wanna buy a house, like finally.
Hope this time we'll be able to get a bank loan and move fast.
As much as I want my own room, I know I can't be so selfish.
Having my own room means my mum will have to sleep in the living room since we're getting a 3 room.
How can I bear to let my mum sleep in the living room? Oh well, it's okay I guess.
I won't mind sleeping with her :D

To someone out there:
I saw your text and read your blog.
I know exactly what you want, what you're waiting for.
But I'm sorry to say, once again, I'm not ready for anything right now.
You wanna wait, I aint gonna stop you because I can't.
But please please please stop asking me the same question over and over again.
My answer will not change.
I don't have that extra time for relationship.
My GPA is totally screwed, and I have an upcoming concert to prepare for,
plus, I'm gonna start working during the weekends now.
This means I'm once again the busygirl94 who has NO TIME for relationship.
I don't know how to put it across to you so that you'll understand,
but, I DON'T WANT any relationship right now or even throughout my 3 years in poly.
I hope I made it clear enough for you to understand, because it's already in layman's term.
Any simplier and you'll have to figure it out yourself.

Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here